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  1. John Bushey says:

    I am so glad that John Kashorek told me about this web sight. I haven’t heard John preach a service since my wife Sherry and I moved from Massena to Tennessee. The video I watched enlightened me,and it encouraged me.I truly miss the Massena church of Christ,and the congregation members. I recently had fellowship with John while we were on vacation in Herman Dekalb we had lunch together and enjoyed seeing John. I wish we had more time to spend together for Bible Study and fellowship.

  2. John Bushey says:

    For as long as I’ve known John Kashorek which has been going on seventeen years, He has always enlightened me. I have spent time with him at the Church, He has been to my home many times when I lived in Massena doing a Bible study with my wife Sherry and I. He and I have spent time together hunting and enjoying the beauty of nature together. Whenever my wife and I come home for a visit, one of my first priorities is to call John up on the telephone and say,” can you meet us for lunch and some fellowship”. Sherry and I were honored to Have John officiate as pastor at our wedding. the first time in 1996 and the second time in 2016 when we renewed our vows. When we first Moved to Tennessee we even had John do A Bible study over the phone, There not many Pastors that would do that sort of thing. But as a request from Sherry and I, he did it. So in closing I just want to say,” John, I am honored to call you our friend. our ongoing encourager, and most of all the best person you could ever meet. We wish You and Denise the best for whatever your future holds in store. Sherry and I love you both. Take care and may God Bless……Sincerely John Bushey.

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