Concept of “Lord”.

I have taken Jesus Christ to be Lord of my life.  Seriously.  I hope you have as well.  This morning I would like to share some of what I understand that to mean.

      “Lord” is not some abstract acknowledgement that He exists or existed and is a higher being.  Bluntly stated, “lord” is “Boss”.  If He is your “lord” you seriously and diligently do everything He says to do, leaving nothing out.

      “Lord” is Master.  Not just boss.  I have chosen to belong to Him.  If He is my Lord, I go and do and “be” whatever He wants me to.  My life is His.  I may be shy or fearful, but if He asks me to go and talk to someone, that is what I do.  If He wants me to stand in the rain, I will.  If He sees fit to have my legs amputated due to diabetes, or to go without a job for a while, that is His prerogative; He owns me.  I’m so very glad that my “Lord” is a loving lord – He only puts me in such difficult circumstances if there is a really good reason.  And I don’t need to know or understand the reason.  That is His business and He operates in realms beyond my sight or control.

            “Lord” is in fact, also “protector”.  As serfs and peasants looked to their king to protect them from foreign warlords, we can look to Jesus as our “lord” for protection.  He cares about those who are His and He knows what goes on in their lives.  Though He may call upon them for spiritual labors and spiritual warfare in capacities they don’t understand, His concern is for His own and He protects them and provides for their well-being in the long run, and that is what really counts.

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